Multiseed Cob



Our multiseed loaf is a true favourite, not only does it provide health benefits such as a slow release of energy but it’s taste is unique separating itself from other breads. Goes amazingly with avocado, perfect for a healthy lunch!


  • 400G Unsliced - 045
  • 400G Sliced - 046
  • 400G Medium Slice - 0461
  • 800G Unsliced - 112
  • 800G Sliced - 157


Wheat flour (with Calcium, Iron, Niacin(B3) and Thiamin(B1)), GLUTEN, water, yeast, Sunflower seeds, Linseeds, Oats, wheat bran, sugar, salt, SOYA flour, pumpkin seeds burnt sugar, emulsifier, calcium sulphate, dextrose, enzymes, vegetable oil, Vitamin C.

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